Ercole Marelli is composed of a management team comprised of international professionals who actively promote the various sectors of the company. Each sector has a team of specialized staff with many years of experience from various fields of renewable energy production.

The core competence of our company lies in the production of hydro-generators. Harnessing Hydro Power is where we consolidated our specialization and for decades we have produced highly reliable and efficient machines. From Hydro Power we then expanded and diversified our business units to include other sectors in the field of renewable energy.

The decision to create and further develop specialization areas was reached in response to the growing demands on the market and from our professional desire to improve our presence in the field of renewable energy. Our expertise has drawn the attention of private individuals, companies and public structures, as well as manufacturers both in Italy and in the international market. Today we can offer our customers specific technologies that guarantee high quality products running efficiently and economically to produce power in conformity with environmental protection laws.

With our diversified technologies and services we are able to offer a wide range of products from engineering to ready made plants, according to the requirements of our customers. These products and services include hydroelectric plants, cogeneration and trigeneration plants, biomasses/gasification plants and power energy production plants using pneumatic energy without plasma technologies.

Ercole Marelli can provide all elements necessary to produce complete plants:

  • Technical /Economic offers
  • Design Construction
  • Installation
  • Start up
  • Management
  • Maintenance