Gasification Syngas

Syngas Cogeneration – CHP Units from 94kVA (75ekW) up to 1875 kVA (1500 ekW) 
with maximum Efficiency in 60Hz and 50Hz Configuration 

LAKY SYNT – CHP systems are designed for high performance economical operation.  Ercole Marelli created the new generation of energy efficient CHP modules for the Biomass Industry.  This is an excellent technology to produce electricity from easily accessible local resources.  It is also an ideal method for local communities to generate jobs in addition to income, while at the same time using locally available Biomass.

Irrespective of the applied gasification technology, specific type, configuration or manufacturer of the gasifier, LAKY SYNT – CHP systems can be integrated easily.  Rather than manufacturing gasifiers, Ercole Marelli has the know-how and expertise in the field of CHP cogeneration technology, which converts syngas into valuable energy.

If you would like more information, please contact us for more technical data and available module sizes.

In order to assist you with quick and accurate answers please provide us with your synthesis gas analysis together with gas composition.

Please note that Syngas combustion is extremely complex and requires the process of gasification as well as a gas cleaning method.  This technology has been proven in full scale long-term testing.  We consider RFQ’s for synthesis gas CHP cogeneration modules if your gasification system has been tested for at least 8,000 consecutive hours, and gas analysis documentation can be provided.

Our advanced LAKI Container Modules are designed for easy operation to minimize floor space, containing the entire CHP cogeneration plant in one unit.  Due to a compact layout with integrated control and switchgear panel, as well as electrically ventilated noise protection enclosure, these modules can be placed anywhere, even in residential areas.

Ercole Marelli Container modules are especially developed and designed. For this reason we don’t utilize standard shipping containers, or modify existing ISO transport containers.  Research has shown that ordinary shipping containers are not suitable for CHP cogeneration plants.

We provide a smart and economical alternative to traditional inside installations with highly efficient and cost-effective solutions.  The designs are well engineered and have proven reliability.  These rugged products meet the rigorous demands of all sectors in the industry.  Our container module product lines are comprised of intelligent systems and solutions.


Cogeneration CHP Systems are built to last for continuous heavy-duty applications and to meet the demanding performance requirements of today’s energy market.  Our reliable combined heat & power modules are hard at work in many of the world’s most challenging mechanisms, delivering peak performance around the clock.