Water Treatment

Ercole Marelli has a complete approach to water treatment applications, covering everything from pre-treatment plants and water treatment chemicals to effluent water treatment and water hygiene applications. Our treatment programmes for potable water systems, steam boilers, closed systems and cooling tower water treatment ensure compliance with current regulatory and legislative requirements.

Series Reverse Osmosis Systems cover a wide range of production from 800 to 12000 GPD with easy installation and low maintenance. The System is composed of high quality components designed and 100% factory & industry tested. Years of trouble free service are guaranteed.

Depth filtration products are commonly used for clarification, polishing, bioburden reduction, and color removal in enzyme, sweetener, edible oil, gelatin and food ingredient manufacturing.  We offer a wide array of standard and specialty filter sheets, filter modules and plate and frame filters for every application.

We provide solutions for gas filtration to achieve particle removal, oil/water separation, and microbiological bioburden reduction or removal of microorganisms. Examples of critical applications include sterile gas blanketing and venting of product storage tanks and aseptic fillers. Steam is treated for particulate removal by stainless steel filter cartridges.